The Jackson

Elisabeth Phillips-Jones, Founder

March 18, 2018

Celebrating Life…

What is unconditional love?  Unconditional love is when you come home to find a four-footed friend rubbing up against you, purring or wagging its tail so intensely you can’t help but smile.  We’ve all been there (for those of you who have not, I’m sorry). The days that downright suck but those furry creatures pour their love into you like nothing else in the world matters.  It feels good and, at least for a moment, there is hope that things will be okay.

In 2012 my mom, Martha, visited the Windham County Humane Society (WCHS) and fell in love.  Apollo had been there for some time and was working with a behavioral specialist so that he would have a chance to find a forever home.  I will never forget the day that Mom took me to WCHS to check Apollo out before deciding to take him home. They told us that he would need to have a special harness to help with SEVERE leash pulling.  Staff went to get us one and while trying to wrangle it on this beast he managed to chomp on and demolish the buckles! Do you think this stopped my mom? Not a chance. She did have some reservations though. As she left WCHS, she signed foster trial papers and didn’t go straight for adoption.  If I told you the trial period was a breeze, I would most definitely be lying. I would come to visit my mom and she would be bruised from being pulled to the ground and scraped from squatting in bushes to avoid altercations with other dogs, but damned if she wasn’t going to put her best foot forward to make this work .



If you were wondering whatever happened to Apollo, then let me tell you!  Apollo transformed into Jackson the wonder dog; a dog that loved fiercely, a dog that could keep up on any adventure, a dog that was immensely playful, a dog that knew when someone had special needs and tolerated any amount of anything, a dog that cuddled like nothing else.  Jackson even became a brother to a kitty, Lincoln, and the one time he had any interaction (not on purpose) with my ferret Haystack… he licked him. A couple of weeks ago when my mom called me to tell me that Jackson had bone cancer and that he would have to be put down, I was devastated.  Jackson had become a part of our family, and was my mom’s best friend. Jackson was feisty, and had a naughty streak to him (when we were making lemon poppy seed cake, the poppy seeds went missing. I later found the torn-up bag and the seeds in my boot!), but he was also downright amazing. I will never forget all the times we had together running, napping, and hiking with mom.  


Precious Moments with Jackson and Mom!

Paying it Forward…


In honor of Jackson and of my mom’s birthday, I am making a soap: “The Jackson!” which has Douglas Fir, as well as Juniper Berry and Cedarwood.

The Jackson features Douglas Fir because they are prominent in the woods where Jackson spent many of his happiest hours. The Juniper Berry and Cedarwood are because they are just darn good smelling. Like Jackson (most of the time).

$2 from every bar of soap sold will go directly to Windham County Humane Society.

Happy birthday, Mom!



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